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Connect2MyDoctor - Manage Your Health Better

Connect2MyDoctor is a service started by Neev Labs back in 2015 in Singapore to make the process of getting medical care easier for people and help them manage their health better. This service is immensely beneficial to people as it allows people to book a video consultation with certified specialists, thus making the entire process of getting a second opinion more convenient than ever. It is currently being used by some of the most renowned hospitals and over 800 care providers worldwide, which speaks volumes about its reputation, reliability and the level of trust it enjoys amongst the healthcare fraternity.

Connect2MyDoctor is a new revolutionary way to manage your health better. It is a simple and efficient solution to stay connected with your doctors. It has many benefits, including helping people avoid a long waiting time in hospitals and clinics, huge expenses and wasting precious time to access good healthcare.

Connect2MyDoctor allows you to get your medical queries clarified online, be it from general physicians or specialists using a computer, tablet or a mobile device, saving you time, effort and money. You can access quality healthcare from the comfort of your location. All you need to do is log on to the website or the app, search and select a doctor, book an appointment, make an online payment and get a video consultation with your doctor, no matter where you are.

This service also facilitates secure storage and sharing of medical records, and receiving prescriptions, pathology requests, lab reports, x-rays and data from health devices on a secure cloud server. You can share the information with doctors for diagnosis or to get an online second opinion, get prescriptions (conditions apply) and steps for what you want to do next.

Connect2MyDoctor allows doctors to stay connected with their patients by making themselves available for a video consultation, anywhere, anytime and also set up follow-up sessions, thereby enhancing your lifestyle.